At the start of every season all clubs must affiliate to their local County Football Association.

Clubs can affiliate online by using the Whole Game system

To affiliate online, you will need to use your FAN (Football Association Number) and associated password to access the Whole Game System. If you are unable to recall your FAN my colleagues at the County Football Association office will be able to help you or if you know your FAN but have forgotten your password, you will be able to reset your password from the Whole Game System logon page. There is a guide to accessing the Whole Game System in the help section on the at and the portal login page can be found at

When you enter the Whole Game System you will need to click on your role as Club Secretary and then follow the “Affiliate 2017-18” tab which will appear on the left hand side of your screen. You can complete the affiliation process gradually so don’t worry if you do not have time to complete the process in one sitting, the information will be saved for when you next return.

When you enter your club’s affiliation form online you will find that last season’s information and teams have been migrated across and updated to how they may appear during the new season (i.e. Under-10s moved up to Under-11s etc). You will still need to review the team details carefully to ensure that they are in line with your club’s actual plans but you will be able to amend this information accordingly.

In addition to affiliating for season 2017/18 you will also be able to enter your teams in the appropriate County Cup competition. The Whole Game System will recognise which competition is the right one for each of your teams and calculate any competition entry fees for you.

Clubs are reminded that ALL adult teams will need to have a minimum personal accident insurance (£30/per week benefit).

Those teams playing in Midland Football League / West Midland League will need to select personal accident (WML) which will provide weekly benefit of £50 (FA Instruction).

If you have a West Midland Team and 2 teams in the HFL you would need:

Personal Accident Insurance WML  (1)
Personal Accident Insurance             (2)

The higher rate is available to all Adult teams if required.

U18 teams may purchase PA cover at either rate if required.

Once you have worked through the affiliation form, prior to payment is made, you will be asked to submit your application for review by a member of staff at the HFA. We will review your submission and once we have confirmed all is in order, your invoice will be produced in your Club portal and you will be notified accordingly. Online payment is provided through Barclaycard’s Smartpay gateway, a reliable and secure system that is used extensively across the UK and beyond. If you are unable to pay online, then either a cash or cheque payment can be made.

A series of training materials have been produced to assist you through the affiliation process. These include a printed guide, Frequently Asked Questions and a short video detailing the affiliation process. The materials can be found on the Help page on the Whole Game Portal or from Additional support can be provided by calling the office on 01432 342179 or emailing a member of the admin team: 


The Whole Game System has been designed to make the administrative experience easier for the 400,000 volunteers who work so tirelessly to support the grassroots game and I hope that you will take up the opportunity to use it to affiliate for the season 2017/18