The Herefordshire Football Association has a key role to support any facilities project by guiding you through the funding that is available and most appropriate through the Football Foundation, Sport England or Local Authorities.

The Herefordshire FA recognises the importance of high quality facilities for football within the county. We work in partnership with local authorities in the county to understand the demand for facilities, protect playing fields and to address any issues with the loss of facilities.

If you are looking to undertake some building capital work, e.g. refreshment of changing rooms, new pitches then please click here complete the expression of interest form.  The Herefordshire FA will then be able to advise you on whether there maybe funding available to support you to achieve your project.

Please note if you have already started work on your project i.e. building/construction has begun then it is unlikely your project will be eligible for funding.

Funding for facilities is constantly changing, but Herefordshire FA aims to keep you up to date with the main funding bodies that can support the development of any facility project.

Hints and Tips

Facts about Herefordshire:

  1.  Herefordshire is the 3rd most sparsely populated county in England
  2. The transport links make travelling difficult for many


Herefordshire Playing Pitch Strategy

Grant Finder: http://www.j4bgrants.co.uk/tfa6647r3g/default.aspx

To help assess the need, please consult with key stakeholders.  One such way is to use a free online questionnaire such as - http://kwiksurveys.com/.


Other Local Funding Contacts:

Amy Chandler, Brightstripes


Dave Tristram, Herefordshire County Council