Young Leadership

Young Leadership initiatives across the county are co-ordinated by Herefordshire FA's Youth Council with Herefordshire FA supporting The FA National Football Futures Programme.

Youth Council
As a body of 8 volunteers aged 16-24, the HFA Youth Council aim to provide engaging opportunities for young people across the County to develop in football and is thrilled to be hosting and supporting events alongside the HFA Development team throughout the 2016/17 season.

The HFA Youth Council have regular meetings are responsible for supporting the delivery on Herefordshire FA projects such as the Football Futures programme as well as other projects associated with the County Development Team and The FA National Youth Council.

The goals developed by The Herefordshire FA Youth Council are drawn from the National Game Strategy, with the group determined to have an impact on:

 1. Creating a communication platform for children and young people.

2. Supporting more children and young people to play football and stay in the game for longer to address drop out levels.

3. Significantly influencing young people to volunteer in football in a range of roles to become the coaches, referees and administrators of the future.

Youth Council members: Amy Wright, Tom Mason (Chairperson), Ben Jenkins,Ewan Hunt (Vice Chairperson) Paige Parry, Kirsty Dodd-Cox and Cameron Wood.(missing from photo: Louis Baker)  

Young people involved in the HFA Youth Council get the opportunity to develop a number of skills and gain practical experience in organising their own admin, planning inclusive projects, partnership work and attending a range of meetings in professional settings.

Football Futures

The FA Football Futures Programme is open to anyone aged 12-24 who loves football.

Are you interested in being rewarded for completing voluntary hours within football? Do you want to know what you can do to continue developing as a young leader on your football pathway? Need help finding a placement to become more involved in football?

Herefordshire FA encourages young leaders aged between 12 and 24 to volunteer within football across the county. This could be by coaching at a club, refereeing at school or even by running a website or social media account for your local football team!

How can I complete my voluntary hours?

You can complete hours within one or a combination of the following 6 themes:

- Coaching and working with teams

- Refereeing and officiating

- Running and supporting events

- Promoting the Game

- Running and developing the Game

- RESPECT Ambassador

What are the benefits of volunteering?

- FA certificate awarded for 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 & 200 hours volunteering

- Develop your leadership experience and link to other courses, e.g. Duke of Edinburgh award

- Enhance your CV by improving personal skills such as communication, teamwork, confidence and organisation

- Potential to become part of Herefordshire FA Youth Council

- Opportunity to attend county and National Football Futures Academy

- The chance to apply for work experience/placements at Herefordshire FA

- You will be doing voluntary work in something you enjoy!

Would like further information about the Football Futures programme, Youth Council or their planned events??

Email Disability & Inclusion Football Development Officer –