Final word as Chairman from Bill Shorten

HFA Chairman Bill Shorten will soon be stepping down after 14 years in position. Before his tenure comes to an end we asked him for a few words:

For the last fourteen years, I have had the enormous privilege and honour to be Chairman of the Herefordshire Football Association. When I succeeded the late Ted Powell, the Association’s main function was administration; we had two fulltime staff and operated out of a converted sports pavillion. In addition we had just become the first county association to be appointed a limited company and the fledgling Board was taking its first steps into fulfilling its role of overseeing the administration and development the game.

 Today we have eleven members of staff, the Head Quarters has undergone two rebuilds to provide us with an excellent, fit for purpose facility and the County Ground itself has been upgraded and enhanced with the addition of a stand and floodlights. The membership of the Board has remained largely unchanged during this period and their prudent control of the Company’s finances has put us in a strong position to undertake some major projects in the future.The HFA has an inclusion policy with the aim of providing an enjoyable footballing opportunity for all members of the community. To this end we are now involved in an enormously wide range of activities enabling participation, tuition and training in all aspects of the game. One look at the list of recipients at the recent Annual Awards Night will show what a broad spectrum is covered.

The excellent progress that we have made to date could not have been achieved without the outstanding work and dedication of The Board, members of Staff and the HFA Council – supported by The Football Association. To you all, I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation.

............ so what for the future?

For the HFA – Not to become complacent –enhance and develop its current provision. Continue to develop female/disbility/male 11 a-side football. Pursue additional ‘All weather’ facilities. Emphasise the importance of Safeguarding Provision. Develop and make use of the Youth Council. Expand the Respect and Inclusion Programmes. Retain and recruit volunteers. Erect a statue to the retiring Chairman (only joking!). This is not an all inclusive list – basically KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

For me - ....... well my passion for the game is as strong as ever – the MOTD theme still sends a tingle down my spine and I can’t wait for the start of the new season. I will still be watching matches around the County and I look forward to meeting up with the many friends I have made over the years.

My best wishes to you all. 

Bill Shorten.


On behalf of all at Herefordshire FA we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Bill for his immense contribution to football in the local community. We look forward to seeing him around the grounds soon.