Tupsley Girls FC 5-a-side Football Festival

Inaugural U8 & U10 Girls 5-a-side Football Festival Sunday 4th June 2017

By invitation:

Tupsley Girls FC would like to invite you to our ‘Girls Festival of Football’ which will be staged at Gorsty Lane football pitches, Gorsty Lane, Hereford, HR1 1UN, on Sunday 4th June 2017.

The event will cater for the mini soccer age groups - Under 8’s & 10’s. These age groups are based on the 2016/17 season.

U8’s – school years 2 & 3

U10’S – school years 4 & 5

The Festival will be a one day event with up to 10 teams in each age group. Tupsley Girls FC will be encouraging teams from out of the county to participate.

The event will be played as a 5-a-side festival. The duration of the matches will be 15 minutes one way for each age group. There is a squad limitation of 9 players for both Under 8 & 10 teams. Proof of age must be available for inspection if required. An acknowledgement confirming your entry will be sent to you on receipt of your application and payment. Further tournament information will be sent out a week or so prior to the event.

Under 8 & 10 - The Festival format for these age groups is in line with the current FA directive and therefore there can be no outright winner. Teams will be divided into 2 groups of up to five teams and will play each other in a round robin format. Each registered player will receive a tournament medal marking their participation.

The festival will start at 10.30am with team mangers asked to register their teams from 9.30am.

All competing clubs must be affiliated to their respective County F.A.

  1. Matches will be played in accordance with the recognised ‘Laws of the game’.
  2. The competition is affiliated with the Herefordshire County FA and as such all participants are subject to the discipline processes of Herefordshire County FA or their respective County FA’s.
  3. All players are advised to consider their own private insurance to cover claims arising from their own injury or that of another player.
  4. Players should play in their own age group as per the 2016/17 season.
  5. Proof of age must be available for each player and be produced on request by a member of the tournament committee or other official such as the referee. Where possible this should be a player’s registration card from the current or preceding season.
  6. No player shall be registered or play for more than one team throughout the same day.
  7. Teams will submit a squad list prior to the start of the tournament.
  8. Both the under 8 & under 10 age groups (5v5) are restricted to a squad size of 9.
  9. Substitutions will take place on a roll on roll off basis with the permission of the referee when the ball is out of play. This applies to all age groups.
  10. Players dismissed from the field of play by virtue of a red card (or two yellows) will automatically be ineligible for that teams next game.
  11. Players dismissed from the field of play for violent conduct or any other serious offence will be prevented from taking any further part in the tournament.
  12. Any misconduct by players or officials will be reported to the appropriate County Football Association. The tournament is registered with Herefordshire County FA.
  13. Tupsley Girls FC embraces the current RESPECT campaign.
  14. All matches will be of 15 minute duration – one way.
  15. No scores will be recorded.
  16. There will be no extra time.
  17. Each team is to provide a 2nd set of shirt colours (bibs) so in the event of a colour clash the second named team shall be responsible for changing their strip.
  18. Size 3 footballs shall be used for under 8’s and size 4 for the under 10’s.
  19. The first named team shall be responsible for providing the match ball. Participating teams are invited to ensure that their footballs are clearly marked with their team name.
  20. Teams are asked to warm up adjacent to the utilised pitches and to adhere to the tournament schedule.
  21. The organising committee reserves the right to amend the playing schedule as circumstances dictate.
  22. Tupsley Girls FC cannot accept liability for injury to players or spectators or loss / damage to property.
  23. Team managers will need to complete a photographic consent forms for their team players and return to the festival committee before the start of the day.

Your completed application form should be returned with your entry fee of £20.00 per team. If entering multiple teams please complete separate entry forms.

Completed forms are to be sent to the address below. Confirmation of your entry will be emailed to both yourself and the club secretary within 7 days of receipt of payment.

Cheques should be made payable to: Tupsley Girls FC 

If you wish to pay via bank transfer please contact me on the number below: 

Jamie Wright
24 St James Close

07736 197206 / 01432 851602


website:            www.tupsleygirlsfc.co.uk    

Facebook:         Tupsley Girls FC

Twitter:             @tupsleygirlsfc


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