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Why Referee?

Herefordshire FA will soon be holding an FA referees course and are looking to train and support the next generation of qualified referees....


Why did you decide to start refereeing?

I started in March 2014 and have been reffing for 3 and a half years now. I decided to take the course because I need to be involved in the game. Football has been my life and I still wanted an active role after deciding to stop playing regularly. It also keeps my fitness at a good level and it’s great to be able to give something back to the local game.

What do you like most about being a referee?

The banter with the players, managers and supporters. I also enjoy reffing big, important matches; like players if you get to the top you get given bigger games to do which is great.  Also the additional money to be made each week from reffing can help pay a few bills.

What's the biggest match you have refereed?

Probably the biggest game so far has been Hereford under 18's against Pegasus under 18's in the youth cup Final at Edgar Street. Adult football I am only just reaching higher standards now so Pegasus v Wellington in the West Midland Premier league and officiating in FA Cup games.

Saturday afternoons or Sunday mornings?

Saturday football has always been the main day for football traditionally and is probably what I like best. But with refereeing I can do both Saturday and Sunday mornings or afternoons dependent on my availability.


Chris Bounds reffing at Edgar Street

Adult or junior football?

I ref both adult and junior football and like doing both. It’s always great to see the young players loving their football; they just get on with playing and never give you any problems. I’ve have never had any trouble yet with the players mums and dads either. Adult football is a bit more intense and brings with it different challenges. I actually really enjoy the challenge each week and it requires a greater level of fitness. I’d rather ref a game of football than go for a seven mile run any day!

What's your favourite ground in the county?

I have to mention 2 grounds in this County. I love Fownhope. The pitch is always good even in the winter when most are suffering. The set up their and the rural setting is fantastic.

Secondly Kington Town. It has changed tremendously over the years. The changing rooms used to have a bath which all the players dived into together. The work done on the clubhouse has also made such a big difference.

What would you say to someone considering the referee course?

If you are considering reffing know what you are letting yourself in for. People who have played the game probably think they can just turn up and ref a match. There are a lot of minor details which need to be followed in most matches to make the game flow better and the Knowledge received from the courses and other experienced refs is vital as you progress. The referees course provides the perfect introduction to refereeing regardless of whether you've played before or not. I'd really recommend men or women of any age thinking about starting their referee career to give it a go.

What types of football have you refereed?

There is a real variety of forms of the game now and I have done a few. Mens football, all aspects of junior boys and girls football, six a side leagues, futsal, walking football and veterans football.

Refereeing is the perfect way to earn some extra money and keep fit whilst learning new skills. Our next course is taking place in October and costs just £80!  After just 2 days you’ll be qualified and can start earning money. Anyone over the age of 14 can register to become a referee.

If you would like to know learn more about becoming a referee or would like to book your place on the next referees course please email our Referee Development Officer Sean Dipple.

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