Small Sided Football

There are a couple of different small sided operators organising 6aside competitions in Herefordshire. All are affiliated to The FA or to the Herefordshire Football Association.

Herefordshire FA Super Sixes

  • Monday night 6aside Football
  • 20:30 / 21:15 kick off times
  • 36 minute games
  • Just £25.00 a week

HFA Super Sixes is a Monday night 6aside league with two divisions of 6 teams running all year round. Teams play each team in their division twice over a 10 week season with promotion and relegation for the top/bottom teams. HFA Super Sixes is a competitive and friendly league enabling players to get their midweek football fix. There are prizes for the winners and other offers will be made available to all teams.

Fixtures, results and league tables are all available online by visiting the HFA Super Sixes page on FA Full Time.

We are now seeking new teams to enter our Summer Season. Register your interest now!


Powerplay also organise 6aside leagues on Thursday and Sunday nights. Please visit their website for more information.

If you are interested in playing for a small sided team then please contact a member of the Herefordshire FA team on 01432 342179 or