Get into Refereeing

Thinking of becoming a referee? Anyone over the age of 14 can complete the course.


Local league set match fees for referees of around £15-£22 for each game.

How long it takes to qualify?

It takes between 2/3 days which are normally spread across a few weeks.


  • Engaged in the game
  • Support the game you love
  • Get paid
  • Fitness
  • Personal Challenge
  • Best seat in the house. The referee gets the best seat in the house for watching a game.
  • Friendship
  • Looks good on your CV
  • Develop new skills, especially people management
  • Chance to stay involved
Give something back to your local community.


You can referee as often or as little as you feel you can commit too.

How much does it cost?

The basic referee course fee is £80 which includes a free kit and you also get payment for your initial 5 fixtures.

How to apply?

To apply click here and Sean Dipple, Referee Development Officer will contact you shortly with further details.

How to contact someone to discuss taking a referee course?

For more information on courses, or on becoming a referee please contact Sean Dipple, Referee Development Officer, Email or telephone 01432 342179 or 07787 435782