There are lots of ways to get involved in football. Many of our clubs and leagues would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to help them. But don’t be fooled, volunteering doesn’t just mean coaching and refereeing, there are lots of opportunities available whatever your interest – be it media, medical, advertising or event organisation.

Volunteering can be the most rewarding experience in its own right, but it can also give you the work experience and skills to further your career and personal development in many other areas.

If you are a student studying a course like PR and marketing or media, or accountancy, or sports development, getting involved with your local club could be the best move you make. And, if you have skills in areas like this through your day to day job then why not let a local club lean on your experience.

Every successful club needs someone to organise, do the club accounts, market and promote the club, run the website and social media sites, look after the secretarial functions, collect the money, chair the meetings and fundraise let alone coach the players.

Could you fulfill just one of these roles and help sustain your local club? In the meantime you could be developing vital skills for other areas of your life, networking and making lifelong friends.

Why should I volunteer? 

There is so much to gain from volunteering. It can help to:

  • update your skills
  • develop new ones;
  •  increase your confidence;
  • get you out of the house and meet new people,
  • provide work experience,
  • look good on your CV,
  • provide references,
  • give something back to the community and make you feel useful.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy your volunteering.

For instance, you could get involved with Football Futures, our unique programme for young people, or Sport Makers which are more formal programmes that look to encourage voluntary help.

If you want to get involved, there are lots of opportunities that Herefordshire FA can help you explore, including

  • League & Club administration
  • Disability League
  • Just Play events
  • Club events – ie tournaments
  • Festivals
  • Future Futures Programme
  • Refereeing

Contact us here to register your interest and help your community.