Taking Safeguarding Online


In today’s world, safeguarding children and young people applies as much online as it does face-to-face.

Part of the role of The FA as the game’s governing body is to offer guidance. We’re constantly looking to provide a supportive framework around everyone who participates in football, whatever their role.

This guidance role clearly extends to the use of digital platforms in a football context. Such platforms include websites, email, mobile messaging and use of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Of course, these technologies have huge benefits. For example, it’s so much easier nowadays for a team or club to let its players know the times of training sessions, meet-ups and match venues. However, we have to recognise that digital platforms can be misused, with increased risks to children and young people.

Football takes these risks extremely seriously. It’s with this in mind that a series of guidance notes have been developed, all listed below.

It’s essential that everyone involved in our great game makes informed decisions about how they use the internet, social media, mobile phone and email communications – particularly when children and young people are involved.


Safeguarding in the digital world

Read the latest guidance to ensure children and young people have a safe and enjoyable football experience.