The RA-FA scheme is a initiative which aims to encourage newly qualified and existing referees to officiate on games and gain experience. You must be a full member of the Referees Association to be part of this Incentive Scheme.

How does the scheme work?
The scheme works on a points system. On joining, you will receive a log book in which to record any games you officiate throughout the season and you will collect points for doing so. Points can also be collected for participating in various other activities such as mentoring, attending seminars, training, meetings and for acting as an instructor or assessor.

These points can later be redeemed for items of referee kit and equipment. A letter detailing these products and the necessary points required for obtaining them will be sent out towards the end of the season.

How do I join the RA-FA Incentive Scheme?
There are a number of ways to join the scheme: 

    Tick the box at the bottom of your six-match Record of Achievement application form before sending it in. 
    Request to join by emailing
    Call 08443 267 242

What games count to collect points for on the FAMOA Incentive Scheme?
When collecting points, please adhere to the following criteria for what games count:-

    All games officiated must be officially sanctioned competitions and leagues and not friendlies. 
    Only 11-a-side games will count. 
    Football of all ages, genders and abilities are eligible for points collection. 
    Games must be at and below Supply League level. 
   You will collect equal points for acting as a Referee, Assistant Referee, Fourth Official or an Assessor.

When can I redeem my points?
It is important that you fill out your log book correctly and keep it in your possession until you are told to submit it. This will happen in February/March each season when you will be sent instructions on how to redeem your points along with an order form to select products to claim. There will be a deadline of 31 July each year to submit log books by. Of course, if you have reached the 1500 point limit ahead of this time, you can send it in once this amount has been reached, but only after you have received the order form. Points can not be carried over to the next year.

You can view most of the items available in the scheme by using your surname and RA-FA number and then selecting the products page.

Once you have your logbook completed and ready to send, take photocopies of your book and order form, then if they should get lost in the post you will still be able to make a claim. Make sure you add sufficient postage and send to First Media Solutions Ltd, Tattershall Way, Fairfield Ind. Est., Louth, Lincs LN11 0YZ.

I still have my completed log book from last season. Can I redeem my RA-FA
Incentive Scheme points now?
No. Unfortunately the deadline for logbooks to be sent in each year is 31 July and any books received after this date will not be processed.

When will my order be sent out?
Once the order has been added, please allow 21 days for it to be despatched, a little longer if you have ordered embroidered items. All orders are sent out with Royal Mail second class, so please allow 15 working days for it to be delivered. If you have not received it after this time, please telephone 01507 610043, do not leave it until the end of the season.

What if I have a problem with the goods I receive?
If you have any problems regarding your order or with the goods you receive, please contact First Media on 01507 610043 or email

What happens once I have completed my first six games as a referee?
Once you have officiated six games as part of your Basic Course, you should fill in the details of each match onto the form ‘The FA Recruitment and Retention Initiative’ which can be found at the back of your ‘Welcome to Refereeing’ booklet in your course folder. This should then be posted to the Referee Development Officer at your local County FA. We will then send out to you a Record of Achievement folder, a six-match certificate, a FAMOA three lions referee badge to be sewn onto kit and a letter which states your RA-FA number.

How can I get a new log book / black wallet?
Log books are issued at the start of every season. If you were registered on the scheme the previous season, there is no need to re-register, as membership simply rolls over. If you mislay your log book or do not receive one, please contact RA-FA on 0207 745 4651 or email

Black log book wallets are issued only when you join the scheme for the first time, not every season. They are however available to redeem your Incentive Scheme points for on the order form sent out at the end of the season