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There IS VERY LITTLE in today’s society that can evoke passion within people as much as our NATION'S GAME

Herefordshire Football Association has approximately 10,000 people engaging in football on a weekly basis. There is no doubt that Herefordshire Football Association provides a unique and far reaching opportunity for partners to access the heart of the Herefordshire community.

By forming a partnership with Herefordshire Football Association, your message can reach a substantial market, comprised of people from all walks of life and livelihoods, as well as our other business associates. Football is very much a universal language with the power to influence, inspire and unite people of all generations.

We can offer extremely flexible options and are committed to ensuring that all our partners receive maximum exposure and the recognition of being a supporter of grassroots football in Herefordshire.


We are proud to work with the following key partners:

    "Our partnership with the Herefordshire Football Association (HFA) has taken SSAFA's name and understanding of our work to a much wider audience within the county. Not only are the excellent facilities at the County Ground now routinely called "The SSAFA County Ground", the wider reach of all HFA publicity to all corners of this rural county has grown the awareness of our charity far more effectively than we could do on our own. As a bonus, we have also raised funds through collections at matches. We are delighted that the partnership has been extended for a further period."
    - Air Commodore Tim Howson DL (SSAFA Herefordshire, Branch Chair) 
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    Ever wanted to volunteer?

     Now is your chance! Using the QR Code on the left, you can scan and find out about ways you can get involved and make a difference at SSAFA.

    "We love what we do. The sense of pride you get when you know you've helped someone get their independence and dignity back is extraordinary. Through volunteering for SSAFA Herefordshire, you'll have the chance to meet some truly inspiring people, with stories you'll never forget. You'll also gain new skills and experiences, but most importantly, you'll make a difference in the lives of those who have dedicated their lives, often at great sacrifice, to protect and serve our country"

    We can provide partnership and advertising packages to suit. Both can be provided through a range of competitions, events, leagues, initiatives or online platforms. Currently our website receives close to 10,000 separate visitors per month and this figure is continuing to grow as we integrate online advertisement, alongside our ever evolving social media. Your business or organisation could gain extensive exposure through a commercial partnership with Herefordshire FA. We currently have access to very sizeable community on a range of platforms; this covers every corner of the county from business’ and organisations to schools, charities, parents, volunteers and participants.

    There are numerous opportunities available to new partners. Get in touch!

    If you are interested in forming a partnership with Herefordshire FA then please don't hesitate to get in touch via email or phone

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