Beyond Storage sponsors of Herefordshire FA Roadshow reaches Ross


Team up with the local community

Building relationships with local businesses and partners

Securing sponsorship for your club or team is a great way to promote your club, engage the local community and raise funds and support for your club.

It can be difficult to raise enough money internally to run a successful and thriving club. Sponsorship is a key extra revenue stream for football clubs. These relationships can be mutually beneficial for everyone involved, raising club income, funding new kit or equipment and allowing businesses to give back to the local community whilst increasing their profile.

Finding and securing a local sponsor can be a huge victory for your club, but where do you start?


With a little creativity, as a football club you can open up a whole new range of sponsorship targets. There are some examples below for what you could offer a sponsor:

  • Their logos printed on your kit, equipment, minibus, sideline banners
  • Their logo included on your website, email footers, letter heads
  • Their company name mentioned in any events, team publicity and end of season reports
  • Hold an event under the name of the sponsor, for example  “Supercraft County League”
  • Hold an event at your sponsor or partner’s venue, or allow them to hold an event at your venue. For example, a ‘Beyond Storage Football Fun Day’ held at your club house during your off season
  • Financial support
  • Club kit, which may have their logo or company colours on it
  • Discounts e.g. money off equipment or supplies ordered from their shop, a reduced admission price to events, or a discount when hiring specific services or facilities
  • Facilities or a venue to host events

Many businesses sponsoring football clubs will have a link to the club, such as the owner's son or daughter playing for the team. Your members are a good first port of call for making contact with potential sponsors! You can also think about approaching

  • local restaurants
  • local garages
  • local gyms/sport shops
  • any other local businesses!

Think about the suitability of the sponsor, they should be reputable and appropriate. For example, it wouldn't be acceptable for a pub or bar to sponsor a youth team and a small-scale business to support an entire community club.



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