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Player registration

Player Registration Made Simple

You can now register players online with just a few clicks.

As part of a commitment by the FA and County FAs to improve the administration experience for grassroots football volunteers, player registration has been introduced to the Whole Game System. Registering players online will reduce the workload for the football volunteer workforce, make player records more secure, ensure a more efficient and robust discipline process and provide your club with better player information to help you plan for the future.

Here is how Player Registration works:

  • Leagues setup up online registration requirements in WGS
  • Those using Full-Time will be able to match player records between FT and WGS
  • Any Players not already in FT can be searched for and added directly into WGS
  • Clubs develop a player list and organise those players into teams
  • Clubs then submit this information through online registration on WGS
  • Leagues review & approve clubs online registration information
  • Finally the information is automatically integrated with Full-Time providing a single view of players in both systems

If you're club is interested in learning more about Player Registration, or want some guidance inputting details on Whole Game System please contact the Herefordshire FA Governance team using the details opposite.


No, the process should be that a club searches for a player first on Whole Game System (as many players will already have records) and then if they cannot find a match, the club can create the new record.

Yes, the Club Secretary has the option of nominating other club officials as Club Player Registration Officers, who will also be able to carry out any of the registration processes.

Yes, the functionality to “match” players between Full-Time and Whole Game System has been included to allow clubs who do have players on Full-Time to be able to copy over, or match these player records. However, a club who does not have players on Full-Time will still be able to create new player records if they cannot find them on Whole Game System.

Where a club does identify a duplicated player, they should advise their County FA of the details of the duplicates, who can use the standard de-duplication process to tidy up the records.             
There may be a number of reasons why players already have records on Whole Game System – they may have been added in the past through the discipline process, or may have FAN records through England Supporters, or may have been added due to a role with a club, league, as a referee or through a qualification.
Football clubs and leagues have an obligation to comply with The FA and FIFA regulations regarding the need to obtain international clearance for players who have previously played abroad. This requirement applies to players who have played in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales as well further abroad.

For more information and to apply for clearance please visit the FA website


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