New FA Guide for charter standard health checks in Herefordshire

Charter Standard Annual Health Checks

Charter Standard clubs have until the 31st March 2018 to complete their Annual Health Check & the FA have released a new guide to help.
The FA have produced a new guide to help Charter Standard clubs complete their Annual Health Check. The new guide includes information on the process, criteria, qualifications and other requirements. 

Clubs that achieved Charter Standard accreditation before 1st July 2017 are required to complete the annual health check to ensure they are continuing to satisfy the criteria they met when applying for CS status. The process provides clubs with the opportunity to show their dedication towards raising standards, implementing respect and prioritising safe & well organised opportunities for all.The annual health check also gives clubs the chance to make sure that all club officials and coaches hold the relevant qualifications for the role they hold.

The seasonal check can be completed on the Whole Game System and can be accessed by the following club members; secretary, CS Coordinator, Welfare Officer or Chairman using their FA Number (FAN) and password. The Charter Standard annual health check needs to be completed by the 31st March 2018; clubs failing to complete their Health Check risk having their accreditation lapse or suspended. 

FA Charter Standard Leagues and clubs have a huge part to play across the game of football as they are proven to grow and retain more teams and players. Create a fun, safe and inclusive environment for volunteers to thrive and for players to develop. Have potential access to more funding opportunities and better facilities but most importantly of all are part of the FAs vision to Unite the Game & Inspire the Nation.

The new FA guide explains the process and criteria for adult, youth, development and community CS clubs. You can download a copy and get started using the links below.

Whole Game System

Annual Health Check Guide

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