Belmont Wanderers Host First Festival

Last Sunday saw Belmont Wanderers host their first ever football tournament at Luctonians. With over 60 boys/girls teams taking part, the day was a…

Belmont would like to thank all the teams/players/parents/coaches who attended; their behaviour was impeccable, respect was show all round with each being a credit to the clubs they play for or represent.

Luctonians proved to be a great venue who were outstanding in both the run up and during the day, helping making the day a little more special.

As many know there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, with so many helping out from Belmont and the football community. Hereford Lads Club Boys & Girls , Fownhope FC and Ledbury Swifts FC need a special mention for helping them out with goals at the last minute, true community spirit. The referees and all volunteers working hard throughout the day gaining high praise from all round.

Finally Belmonts Head of Development Chris adds:

"For me personally, we build our club not to be the biggest or be better than anyone, we are building it to support sport in the community, I know that not all will believe that. Our aim is to continue growing and building by working with others in the county that are trying to do the same. Our club has a motto which is:

"As an individual we are strong, as a team we are brilliant, as a club we are unstoppable"

There is a line that I would like to add to that:

"As a football community we are unbreakable"

This is the dream - "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts"

We will continue on our football journey and will only continue to try our best at every opportunity, thanks again to all involved"

Being thier first tournament they only hope all that attended it, enjoyed it and will spread the word for next year.  Keep an eye out for the date as they should be announcing it soon.

Click here for a selection of photographs from the festival!

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