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Why you should consider your fa level 2

Have you been considering your Level 2? We interviewed a recently qualified level 2 coach to explain why you should go for it!

With our next FA Level 2 course on the horizon, we took 5 minutes to speak to a Level 2 Coach about the course and why any existing Level 1 coaches should consider it. Alex Parry was on our last course which took place over the 2017/18 season and is now a qualified Level 2 Coach. We asked him to give an overview of the course to  any aspiring Level 2 coaches looking to progress and improve their coaching.

Hi Alex, what is your coaching background and where were you coaching before taking your Level 2?

I've been coaching for around 5 or 6 years now with Hereford Futsal Club and I also coach with Futsal Futures at the Point 4.

Why did you decide take the next step and enrol on the FA Level 2 course?

I had been wanting to do it for quite a while as I am looking to push on now and get the next couple of coaching badges which will support what I do in the future; both with football and futsal.

What did you like most about the course?

The course offers a lot of support, you can ask for the course lead to come and visit you to observe a session or matchday. Personally I like hearing feedback so I can change bits and adapt to make my sessions more impactful and effective. The feedback and support of the tutor helped me learn more about myself which has also in turn helped the people and players I coach.

What was the biggest difference betweent the Level 1 and Level 2 courses?

When I did my level 1 there was less information about gameplay, it was more focused on giving examples of sessions and practices and providing coaches with the confidence and ability to put on a session with an emphasis on inclusion. The level 2 had more on an emphasis on adapting sessions and giving players more opportunities to make their own decision and take ownership of their own success.There is also much more focus on supporting your players, helping your players learn and managing difference between players.

How do you think your coaching has been impacted since taking the course?

I've started planning sessions way in advance so it gives me an idea of where I want the players to be by a certain point and whether I need to push them on if they're storming ahead or make it easier if I've pitched it too high. I'm also more confident giving more coaching interventions and "fly-by" coaching where one player is in need of support or a challenge. I'm also now happy to adapt a session from the original plan rather than sticking to a rigid session if it is not achieving the desired outcome for example.

Crucially, what would you say to someone considering taking their level 2 coaching course?

Definitely do it! If you can commit your time for the couple of weekends it over the course of  a season or year then I would definitiely reccommend it. The more coaches that understand the importance of the child/player abnd their development as a priority the better. It doesn't matter what level you are coaching at - the more level 2 or better coaches we have at grassroots level in this county can only be positive for local football.

If you want to take your coaching to the next level like Alex and are considering the Level 2 course we highly reccommend attending our free introduction to Level 2 coaching CPD event in January. Anyone who attends the CPD event will receive a £30 bursary towards their L2 course meaning you can book block 1 for just £70!

Block 1 of our Level 2 will take place April 2019 over the 6th, 7th, 20th & 21st April.

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