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We're looking to give our Sunday League a boost and want your ideas to help!

Herefordshire FA have now been responsible for the running of the County League for almost two seasons and are interested in gaining feedback on players, teams and coaches experiences so far. In particular we want to know your opinions and ideas relating to the Sunday League. You can provide us with your thoughts by completing our quick survey - It doesn’t matter if you currently play, coach or volunteer Sunday League football or not!

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Sunday football has a proud tradition in the county and we are looking into ways of increasing the team numbers and level of competition in the current league. To help with this we have created a survey and we want to know your ideas, suggestions and opinions!

Please complete this short survey and let us know your experiences with the current HFA Sunday League. We are looking to hear from past, current and future Sunday League players. If you used to play Sunday league but stopped, currently play Sunday league, or would like to in the future your feedback is equally important to us.

The suggestions and responses received in this survey will help us shape the future of Sunday League football in Herefordshire. Some of the things we are considering include:

  • Changing kick off times
  • Using Central Venues
  • More flexibility around fixtures
  • Cheaper match fees
  • Less administration
  • Changing the forrmat and structure

Once we have gathered as much information as possible from the survey we will be looking to host a Sunday League focus group to consult and discuss the results and suggestions with current, previous and potential new teams.

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The Herefordshire FA County League runs 3 Saturday divisions and 1 Sunday Division. If you are interested in playing adult 11v11 football (on Saturday's or Sunday's) then we can help! Contact us now and we will help you find a local team.
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