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Big Thanks to Retiring RDO Sean Dipple

Our Referee Development Officer, Sean Dipple has announced his retirement after a long involvement in the game

After 15 years as Herefordshire FA’s Referee Development Officer, Sean Dipple has retired from the role. Originally splitting his time between Shropshire FA and Herefordshire FA, Sean spent the past seven and a half years solely focused on the development and support of referees in Herefordshire. As well as working closely with Referees, Sean has had a big involvement in futsal and youth football during his career.

Whilst Sean will no longer work as the county RDO, he will continue to bring through future generations of referees and volunteers as a referee and safeguarding tutor. Furthermore Sean will be carrying on his various FA and UEFA futsal commitments, an area he has great passion for.

Sean Dipple Herefordshire FA

Upon retiring, Sean stated “It has been a wonderful experience and pleasure to be involved in refereeing development as it is a great opportunity now to pursue a very long career pathway.

“Highlights over the years have been the increase in Herefordshire referees achieving Level 4 status, of which we have a high number for a county of our size, and also the excellent match coverage by officials. There is an exceptional crop of young referees coming through who continue to flourish and this bodes well for the future.

“I would like to place on record the excellent support that the HFA board, staff and refereeing workforce have shown in contributing towards refereeing and have every confidence it will prosper”

Everyone at Herefordshire Football Association would like to wish Sean a very happy, long and enjoyable retirement and we look forward to working with him to train future referees.

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