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Work Experience with Herefordshire FA

Last week we welcomed Harley Turner to the HFA for work experience. Read on to find out how he got on

This week I have been at Herefordshire Football Association and have enjoyed my week here, I have learnt many new things being in a working environment. This week I have been doing office based work and been going out to help out with a football game at Edgar Street and helped run a primary school tournament in Ledbury.

One thing I have learnt is managing my time keeping better, at college I have been late a few times but I knew that in a job you can’t be late so I made sure I was 5/10 minutes early every day. Another thing I have learnt how to use some different websites that I haven’t used before e.g. canva, this is a website where you create posters, I made 2 posters, 1 about Women’s Walking Football and advertising a primary schools tournament.

Another thing I have learnt is how to help run a football tournament, usually in football tournaments I play in them and not help run them so I’ve seen the hard work that goes into running one and setting one up, you have to make a lot of fixtures and a table but the worst thing is when you create all the fixtures and then a team/school pulls out then you have to change it on the day and have to adapt to it.

One thing I have enjoyed about this is that I get to go out and about instead of being stuck inside all day, for example I went to Edgar Street and helped run a massive game for Herefordshire Football Association as it was their 125th anniversary. I got to go in the home changing room and got to go on the pitch which is far better than being inside at college all day. Also I went out to Ledbury and helped run a tournament by writing down the results, updating the table and refereed a few games. It’s good to go and get that experience because that could be something I could look to do in the future.

Another thing I have enjoyed is creating stuff and helping people out with jobs, I really enjoyed going down to Edgar Street and helping sort the changing rooms up and it was a good experience going down to your local football ground. Also before the game started I met the Hereford FC chairman which was really good to meet him.

One thing that I would take from this experience and take back to college is my time keeping; I would like to be at college on time or 5 minutes early like I have been here. Also when I arrive back at college I want to be able to help out the teachers with little jobs they need doing.