Herefordshire FA Boot Bank

We want your old football boots

If you have old boots gathering dust, we will take them off your hands!

Herefordshire FA are looking for people to donate their old football boots. As long as they are in a wearable condition, we would like to take them off your hands.

The reason for the ‘Boot Bank’ is so that we can re-use unwanted boots and give them a new lease of life with someone else. Especially now we have three active 3G Pitches in the County there is a demand for more community football to be played on these pitches, especially in the winter months. We understand that it is not always viable for individuals/families to go out and buy new boots every 6 months, especially if it involves a growing child. Therefore we are specifically looking for boots with moulded studs, so that when 3G facilities host any format of the game, we can make sure it is inclusive for all by offering the individuals, both junior and senior, an opportunity to play wearing the correct footwear.


We will accept all football footwear such as metal studded boots and bladed boots, as there may be some who don’t have the right footwear for grass pitches. Any boots that cant be used on a 3G Pitch and are not taken up by individuals will result in us donating the boots to a charity in Africa. Not only are the HFA working with charities but we are actively working with local players from a deprived background as well as immigrants/asylum seekers, and we want to encourage more people from all cultural and religious backgrounds an opportunity to play the game we love.

Don’t let your old football boots gather dust in your shed or garage, donate today and let the HFA do the rest!

For more information please contact us on 01432 34217 or

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