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Help Us Piece Together Herefordshire Football History

Herefordshire FA are launching an ambitious project to research and gather together a complete list of football records involving Herefordshire based clubs and teams. Led by independent finance director Tony Martin, Project 23 will create an archive of Herefordshire football history for everyone to access, use and contribute to.

With 2023 being the 130th anniversary of Herefordshire FA, Tony has given himself a 3 year aim to compile the information and to do this he needs your help.

Project 2023 will require extensive research and sharing of knowledge and information in relation to all the league and cup competitions that have taken place in Herefordshire or Herefordshire teams may have participated in. Anyone with historical records or a keen interest in local football or local history and willing to lend a hand is encouraged to get in touch with Tony Martin in order to assist.

The key aims of Project 2023 are:

  • Obtain every league result for all Herefordshire based leagues and divisions (whilst this may not be possible, the target is there)
  • Obtain all final league tables for each league and division including Herefordshire, North Herefordshire, Ledbury & District, South Herefordshire, Ross & District
  • Find out winners of all leagues and divisions (approximately 80% of this has been completed)
  • Obtain details of all cup final results, venues and dates

Tony is completing this research on a voluntary basis and any assistance would be much appreciated. Please get in contact with Tony directly via and help save our past for future generations.

Click here to contact Tony