3 New Exciting Projects Coming to Herefordshire

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting 3 new projects this year covering Mental Health, Armed Forces and Dementia and Alzheimer's

The Herefordshire FA are excited to announce that from June we will be starting 3 new community projects.

We are delighted to have partnered up with several organisations and charities to enable these projects to benefit many local people within Herefordshire.

The best part about these projects is that they are all FREE for participants, as we look to make it as inclusive as possible for everyone.


Talking Football

This National Lottery funded project will provide much needed support for both young and old adults in Herefordshire who are suffering from Dementia/Alzheimer’s and memory loss, whilst also providing elements of respite for their carers.

We will use the engagement strength of football to bring people together to take part in fun and engaging social activities based in the safe, inclusive and inspiring setting of the County Grounds. The twice weekly hub catch ups will consist of various activities to stimulate the adults. We are excited to have linked in with Herefordshire Dementia Action Alliance, Dementia Matters Here(fordshire) and Infinity Care Consultancy who will give us the professional support to make sure everyone’s experience is enjoyable.

Partner Details

Dementia Action Alliance:

Website: www.dementiaaction.org.uk

Phone: 01543 255955

Email: shirleybevans58@gmail.com


Dementia Matters Here(fordshire):

Website: www.dementiamattershere.wordpress.com

Phone: 07735 941610

Email: dementiamattershere@gmail.com


Infinity Care Consultancy:

Website: www.infinitycareconsultancy.co.uk

Phone: 07772056150

Email: nikki@infinitycareconsultancy.co.uk / mark@infinitycareconsultancy.co.uk


Armed Forces Walking Football

This project has been funded by the Armed Forces Covenant. Herefordshire FA will lead and coordinate weekly Walking Football sessions. Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) will provide welfare services and refer Veterans to WF. This project will provide a unique engagement vehicle to bring Veterans together in a fun, uplifting way. Regular on the pitch activity will help lift the mood of those veterans who may be socially isolated or facing issues such as depression. It will bring companionship, focus and distraction, and time to talk with others from similar backgrounds who may face similar wellbeing challenges. The DMWS Welfare Officers, based at the Wye Valley Trust and within the Community, will engage with the local community and utilise their extensive network with Primary Care and secondary care the Herefordshire Veterans Support Centre (HVSC) plus the Veteran Mental Health Network and Dementia Network

The main benefits to playing WF will be that it aids fitness and wellbeing; it helps build confidence and self-resilience and is a route to get people back into a fun, relaxed and social environment. We will be inviting players to stay after the football session for a chat and some refreshments.

Partner Details

Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS):

Website: www.dmws.org.uk

Phone: 07785614832

Email: AWinter@dmws.org.uk


Walking Football for All

This project is funded by the Herefordshire Council. We have partnered up with local men’s group Herefordshire Men’s Mental Health and charity Hereford Mind to help provide those who may be suffering with their mental health an opportunity to keep fit and healthy. They will be invited to get involved in Walking Football in what will be a relaxed and social environment with like minded people. You don’t need to have played football previously to enjoy this format of the game. We are aware that mental and physical well-being go side by side, so we encourage anyone who perhaps doesn’t like going to gyms or exercising at home to come along and give WF a go. For those suffering with mental health you won’t be judged as we try to advise and facilitate you into finding the right path to take and know what options you have and who to talk to. After the session all players will be invited to stay for a chat and refreshments at the Herefordshire FA Offices.

Partner Details

Herefordshire Mind:

Website: www.herefordshire-mind.org.uk

Phone: 01432 271643

Email: info@herefordshire-mind.org.uk


Hereford Men's Mental Health:

Website: www.s4il.co.uk/our-services/covid-19-advice/hereford-mens-mental-health-group

Phone: 07432 019404

Email: HMMHgroup1@gmail.com




Why not do something different in your life, is there a project that would be good for you, give it a go?


If so, you can contact the Herefordshire FA direct with our Football Development Officer and main project lead, Scott Russell at

Scott.Russell@herefordshirefa.com or 01432 342179. You must be 16+ to take part in any of the 3 projects.

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