Play Fund Win

Play Fund Win



This Christmas we are staging a special Herefordshire FA Club Raffle to raise money for grassroots clubs across the County. When you enter the draw, you can nominate the grassroots club or club foundation you want to benefit, that club receives 50% of your entry fee (£2.50) to help them rebuild after the pandemic and to support participation in the sport. There are also opportunities to win cash prizes.


Each ticket gives you two chances to win amazing cash prizes;


  1. County-wide DrawEveryone who enters the Herefordshire FA Club Raffle gets a chance to win a cash prize, regardless of which club they nominate. This prize part starts at £1,000 and increases by £0.50p with every entry received.


  2. Your Club Draw Every club has its own winner! The jackpot for each club’s own draw increases by £1 for every entrant who nominates that club. If the club you pick to support generates 500 entries, the jackpot for that particular draw will be £500, and the club will receive £1,250 from those entry fees.


The club draw launches on Tuesday 23rd November, with the draw will take place on December 23rd, providing entrants with a chance to win a great cash jackpot this Christmas, and allowing a full month for clubs to promote and benefit from the fundraising draw.


Entering is a simple two-step process via where you will find the relevant information, terms, conditions and entry routes.


By entering you are directly supporting grassroots football in the county whilst giving yourselves the opportunity to win some amazing cash prizes.


All you need to do is promote the draw across your club’s network, using the bespoke tools which you can request by completing this form, and making sure people select your club when they enter. The more who select your club to benefit, the more your club makes from the draw.


If you have any questions about the Herefordshire FA Club Raffle or Play Fund Win, please don’t hesitate to contact the team via the contact page on the website or via