Hinton FC’s facilities transformed after winning Herefordshire FA club makeover competition

Facilities redecorated with the support of EweMove Hereford and Avara Foods.

Hinton FC has undergone a stunning transformation after winning the HFA’s club makeover competition, thanks to the combined efforts of Avara Foods and EweMove Hereford, the newest estate agent in town.

Following their victory in the highly coveted club makeover competition, Hinton FC’s facilities were recently redecorated, resulted in a dramatic change. EweMove Hereford financed the project, with employees from Avara Foods enthusiastically lending their support, alongside those from Hinton FC and the HFA.

The comprehensive makeover encompassed both the club's interior and exterior. The team diligently painted and decorated various areas, breathing new life into the facilities. The vibrant colors and refreshed ambiance creating an inviting atmosphere for players, fans, and visitors alike.

Graham Andrews, Hinton FC Chair said ‘’Hinton FC were delighted to have secured this victory in the Makeover competition for the club house. The Ewemove Hereford and Avara support is a huge boost to our community football club, which is run on a 100% volunteer basis. The difference that has been made is huge in the club house’s appearance, and we know all our club members will be delighted with the improvements’’.

Rhea Evans, EweMove Hereford, said ‘’It has been fantastic to be part of the makeover for Hinton FC’s facilities, football is a massive part of any community so we are glad that we have been able to support this project’’

Michelle Skyrme, Avara Foods, said ‘’It was a pleasure to be part of the makeover for Hinton FC’s facilities, supporting the community in these kinds of projects is so rewarding, we had a great day and  look forward to helping out with similar projects in the future ’’

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