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Safeguarding Newsletter - November

Spotlight on Safeguarding


Welcome to our November Safeguarding Newsletter. In this edition we will take a look back at our successful Play Safe campaign, a reminder for Club Accreditation requirements, and take a more in-depth look at the FA's guidance for social media as well how we communicate with our young players regarding keeping them safe while communicating online.



First of all, a big THANK YOU to all our clubs who participated in the FA's third annual Play Safe Campaign. In the build up to the weekend all clubs received their Play Safe armbands and pin badges. It was great to see so many of our players, young and old, playing matches wearing their armbands. It was lovely to see so many of you encourage your clubs to take part in our picture competition. We had lots of entries either emailed in or tagged in to us on social media. The winner of the best picture award was Ross Youth Girls u14's team (see pic below). Herefordshire FA's CEO Alan Darfi popped along to congratulate the team, their coaches and parents and presented them with a new bag of balls as a prize. 




Play safe - Online 

The FA's approach to safeguarding – and our responsibility to keep children safe – applies to the online environment as much as to the offline world.

We know that teams, clubs, and leagues really benefit from online and digital technology. Whether communicating team results or a change of venue, promoting social events, or sharing coaching tips and skills to encourage and support new volunteers – it helps teams and clubs to run effectively and be better connected.

For clubs to benefit safely from the online environment, it is important they follow best practice in social media and technology use. Club officials, match officials and parents/carers involved in football should understand how their safeguarding responsibilities apply online.

We all benefit from the digital world – when used appropriately. We create our own digital footprint every time we post comments, photos and videos – so think before you post. If you wouldn’t say or do something face-to-face – then don’t do it online.

Please see here for further guidance and information.