Schools Football Finals Herefordshire

Football opportunities in Primary and Secondary Schools

Often schools provide the first introduction to football for children.


Schools football in Herefordshire is ran through the Herefordshire Schools FA, the local affiliate to the English Schools FA, they oversee both Primary and Secondary football within the county. 

The Herefordshire Schools FA has a season long events calendar which includes futsal, mini soccer, 11v11, disability and representative football. The HSFA is also responsible for organising a variety of different festivals, tournaments and cups throughout the season for boys and girls.


The two organisations are completely seperate entities however they share a good working relationship and work closely to develop football both in and outside of schools.

It is a great honour to represent your county, every year the HSFA hold trials for their representative sides. The players selected are those who are schooled within the county and they represent Herefordshire in cups and competitions. The HSFA currently run U15 and U16 male rep teams.

The HSFA are always looking for more volunteers, to enquire about opportunities please get in touch using the contact information opposite.

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Dan Chance

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HSFA Representative Teams

The Herefordshire Schools FA have a proud tradition of organising teams to represent the county & district in national and regional competitions. Teams are selected through open trials with schools encouraged to recommend players to participate. It is a great honour to be called up for the HSFA representative teams and for 20118/19 the HSFA are running U15 and U16 Boys representative teams to compete in the Midlands Counties Schools League.




Squad: Mason Godsall, Harvey Vaughan, Michael Yalland (Bishops); Harrison Summers (Earl Mortimer); Ryan Halford, Joshua Phillips (John Masefield); Marshall Jones (Hereford Academy); Marcus Brookes, Cawley Cox, Freddie Fox, George Gibbons, Sam Griffiths, Jordan James, Thomas Rogers, Max Stenhouse and Joe Speake (Whitecross)

Stand By List: Joseph Harwood, Oliver Tobin (Bishops); Zak Bonfield (John Masefield); Harry Davis (St Mary's)

Coaches: Colin Preece, Ben Archer and Tom Hutton

Squad: James Jenkins, Will Powell (Bishops); Will Bowen, Josh Briggs (Earl Mortimer); Marcus Campbell, George Jones (Hereford Academy); Archie Muirhead (Queen Elizabeth); Tom Burton, Will Clarke, Tom Hamilton, Jamie Payne (St Mary's); Charlie Beaumont (Wigmore); Charles Corrieri, Matt Haggett, Jay Oliver, Tom Rogers (Whitecross)

Stand By List: Dan Marks (Weobley); Andrew Abbott (Whitecross); Will Peace (Wigmore); Harvey Vaughan (Bishops)

Coaches: Dan Chance and Joe Mathias


Fixtures and Results

Midland Counties Schools

22nd Oct: West Midlands 5 - 1 Herefordshire

7th Nov: Herefordshire 0 - 7 Warwickshire

19th Nov: Staffordshire vs Herefordshire

4th Dec: Shropshire vs Herefordshire

19th Dec: Herefordshire vs Worcestershire

16th Jan: Herefordshire vs West Midlands

TBC: Warwickshire vs Herefordshire

13th Feb: Herefordshire vs Staffordshire

6th March: Herefordshire vs Shropshire

18th March: Worcestershire vs Herefordshire

Fixtures and Results

Midland Counties Schools

15th Oct: West Midlands P - P Herefordshire

13th Nov: Herefordshire 2 - 2 Shropshire

10th Dec: Worcestershire vs Herefordshire

15th Jan: Herefordshire vs West Midlands

23rd Jan: Shropshire vs Herefordshire

4th Feb: Staffordshire vs Herefordshire

26th Feb: Herefordshire vs Worcestershire

19th Mar: Herefordshire vs Staffordshire


2017/18 HSFA Cup Winners

The HSFA organises a series of cup competitions for schools from across the county to compete in. The finals this year took place at the home of Pegasus Jrs and provide a unique opportunity for pupils to represent their school on a big stage.

Year 6 Cup Winners Lord Scudamore

Year 7 Cup Winners Earl Mortimer

Year 8  Cup Winners St Mary's

Year 9 Cup Winners John Masefield

Year 9 Rural Cup Winners Fairfield

Year 10 Cup Winners Whitecross

Year 11 Cup Winners John Kyrle

Cup Final Photos          League Tables