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Finance & Registration

Essentials for Referees

Important information for referees regarding registration and payment.

Every season between the beginning of March and the end of May it is essential for referees to re-register so that they are able to officiate during the following season. As a registered referee you are able to officiate affiliated football and receive payment/match fees.

Remember to let the referees appointments secretary know that you are available! There are games played every weekend looking for referees so don't miss out!

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Registration is an annual requirement


Registration can be completed online using the Whole Game System. WGS can be used for registration and other referees admin including reporting discipline and some appointing.

  • You will need your FA Number (FAN) to login
  • Please note an annual registration fee of £20.00 is required

Registration is vital to safeguard the game and yourself.

Information on match fees


As a registered referee, you are generally entitled to payment or match fees in return for officiatiing fixtures. The amount paid is dependent on the league/competition and the age group of the participants. 

  • Fees range from £15 - £30
  • You may also be entitled to travellin expenses of up to £30 dependent on the length of your journey and the competition.
  • Payment may be offered for friendlies

Rates and fees are listed in the Herefordshire FA handbook.

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Registration FaqS
To safeguard the game and yourself, leagues and clubs are only allowed to us registered referees. Therefore, to referee you must be registered.

We can only offer our support to registered referees. If you are un-registered you will not be entitled to any support from the County FA, or referee in any county affiliated football activity.

To referee any form of youth football (Under 18 and below) you must have an in-date FA CRC. This may also apply if you are regularly refereeing football involving vulnerable adults. Visit the Safeguarding area of our website for more information on CRCs.

Safeguarding and CRCs

To get appointed to games you need to let the appointments secretary know that you are available and able to referee. Contact the appointments secretary using the information opposite.

Referee Appointments

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