Referee talks to the captains before a Herefordshire Womens match

Rules and Regulations


Read up on the rules and regulations we use to govern all aspects of the game in Herefordshire.

These rules and regulations are designed to ensure football is safe, fun and enjoyable for all and they are important for everyone involved in the game. As a referee it is important to understand the rules and guidelines that apply specifically to officials. Make sure to have a browse of the match day advice for information on pitch inspections, writing reports, dealing with injuries.

Referee respect in Herefordshire

Match Day Guidance

Guidelines for pitch inspections, abandonments and more!
Referees Courses with Herefordshire FA

Other Guidance

Including report writing, misconduct and social media guidance
Safeguarding and Welfare


Whatever your involvement in football, you have a responsibility to make our game as safe and enjoyable as possible for everyone.

This is particularly true if your role as a referee involves officiating matches where children and young people under the age of 18 are playing. It also applies if as you are officiating alongside under-18 referees and assistant referees.

Find out how The FA and CFAs manages safeguarding nationally and locally. You’ll also find detailed information on the game’s safeguarding strategy, and how it applies to you.

Taking Safeguarding Online

Criminal records checks

Information on our policies, obtaining a Criminal Record Check (CRC), if you need one – and lots of other relevant information.
Herefordshire Football Association 125th Anniversary Match

Heading Rules 24-25 Season Onwards

Details around the heading rules being introduced by The FA.
France v England

Laws of the Game

Read all the official FA Laws for the game of Football.