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Want to Join a local football club? Need to recruit new players for your team? 

Whether you're new to the area or are looking to play football for the first time, we can help you find a club! Furthermore, if your club is desperate for a new goalkeeper, or is struggling to raise a team each week then send us your information to advertise below!

Take a look at the adverts and notices below from clubs looking for players like you! Remember: if you can't see anything then just contact us; there are always clubs and teams looking for players even if they aren't listed below. #Playon

Clubs Looking for Players

This section will be updated soon! 


In the meantime, please use links below to locate a team that is suitable for what you are looking for: 

Adult Men: Click Here

Adult Women: Click Here

Youth Male: Click Here

Youth Female: Click Here


If you want to recruit new players and advertise your club on our noticeboard then send us the following information:

Your Club

The team/agegroup you are recruiting for

Why players should join your club (is your club friendly etc.)

We can also help you find a new coach/coaching position. Check out the Coaches noticeboard here

Don't worry! Just because there aren't any suitable teams or clubs above, doesn't mean there aren't clubs who would be happy to welcome you as a a player. If you can't see anything in your area or appropriate then please don't hesitate to let us know what you're looking for and we can suggest something perfect for you.

Make sure all new players and parents have a positive experience whenever they visit your club! The FA have produced a guide for clubs outlining how you can provide a positive welcome to your club. By celebrating what's great about your club and proactively communicating this with parents and players, you give yourselves the best chance of them coming back!

Download the guide here

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