Get to know the new HFA Hereford FC PDC partners

We hear why the new partnership matters to the group of companies

As recently announced here the HFA was delighted to recently announce an exciting new 2-year partnership covering the HFA Hereford FC Player Development Centre.

Ieuan Gallagher, representing HES Renewables, HES Plumbing & Electrical, GRW Property, and The Causeway Restaurant and Bar, shares the significance of the 2-Year Partnership with the HFA Hereford FC PDC for the four companies involved. 

Can you provide an overview of each company and how they benefit the Herefordshire community?

Our businesses, HES Renewables, HES Plumbing and Electrical, GRW Property, and The Causeway Restaurant and Bar, collectively benefit the Herefordshire community:

The HES companies provide exceptional professional services while championing sustainable green energy solutions. 

GRW Property has delivered its services within Herefordshire for years, offering high-quality construction services, developing lasting relationships and providing a personal and friendly service. 

The Herefordshire Golf Club’s Causeway Restaurant and Bar is a fully licensed events venue using locally sourced food and drink and offers a friendly and warm space that welcomes everyone. 

Our businesses have become integral to the Herefordshire community through green energy initiatives, quality construction services and a cultural hub for everyone to enjoy. 

What motivated you to become lead partners of the HFA Hereford FC PDC and actively support local football?

Football has a unique ability to bring people together and instil a sense of unity, joy, and pride. We want to be a part of that spirit, supporting local talent and creating opportunities for young players to develop their skills and pursue their dreams.

How does this partnership align with your core values and objectives?

We prioritise sustainability, community engagement, and providing high-quality services. By investing in local football, we are investing in the well-being and growth of the community we serve.

How do you anticipate this partnership will benefit the Herefordshire Football Community?

It will enhance the visibility and reputation of the community, attracting more people to engage with and support local football. In turn, we can create economic opportunities, generate revenue for the local economy, and foster a stronger sense of togetherness among residents.

For more information please email info@herefordshirefa.com or click on the following links: