GRA 23

Herefordshire FA Grassroots Football Awards 2023

Herefordshire FA Grassroots Football Awards have been announced for 2023.


A big congratulations to all our nominations this year, the competition of nominations was very high, and we saw a big increase in nominations compared to last year.


The winners this season have all showed unwavering commitment, dedication and exceptional contributions to grassroots football in our community.


They have shown tireless efforts in supporting and nurturing the growth of football at grassroots level, showing a passion towards fostering a positive and inclusive environment for players, coaches, officials and volunteers which has had a profound impact on our local football community.


Without local people at grassroots level football is nothing, the Herefordshire FA are proud to see so many people doing great things for our local football clubs and we are confident that your continued efforts will only further enhance grassroots football in Herefordshire.


We are pleased to announce that the following individuals, leagues and clubs are the Herefordshire FA Grassroots Football Awards Winners 2023;


GRA 23


BIG congratulations to all our 2023 winners!