Walking football is a popular, and growing, format of the game

Walking Football

What is Walking Football?

The fast-growing, slower paced version of the beautiful game

Walking football is an increasingly popular format of football which is perfect for older players or those with health/mobility problems. Older adults are turning to walking football all the time as a means of getting active and having the ball back at their feet with less emphasis on the physical attributes of the game.

The rules are essentially the same as traditional football with a few changes, the key law being that running is not permitted. As a result the game relies on accurate passing, good positional play and teamwork.

Walking football is very adaptable and suitable for both male and female players regardless of ability or age. It can be the perfect way to get back into football, but is also an ideal introduction for those who might not have played before.

The sport is continuing to grow and develop and alongside the popular demand for recreational walking football, we’re now recognising the increased demand for a competitive element to this slower-paced version of the beautiful game. Herefordshire FA is currently developing ways in which to support the growth of the competitive game by working with local clubs on the formation of a league.

So, whether you’re looking for a social kick about or to find your old competitive edge, in Herefordshire we have something to suit you.

What's Walking Football all about?
Ross v Ledbury in a walking football match

An Introduction to Walking Football

Men and women across Herefordshire are taking up walking football as a means of getting active and making friends. Watch our video to learn more about walking football and its benefits.

Walking Football Leominster Ian Smith
The lads are great and its extremely enjoyable - it's not just the physical benefits, walking football also makes you feel really young again.
- Ian Smith (Leominster Walking Football Club)

Find your Nearest Walking Football Club

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Walking Football FAQs
New players are always welcome regardless of previous ability. There is a real mixture of individuals currently playing including those who have played at the top level and those who had never kicked a ball before finding walking football

Yes and we activley encourage it! Walking football is a perfect introduction to football for those who might not have kicked a ball before or for anyone looking to get active and socialise. There is a womens walking football session in Leominster and mixed sessions in Hereford too.

Walking football has traditionally been targeted at participants aged over 50 however this is now not always the case and many of our clubs are now open to anyone over 16. Whilst leagues and competitions may still have restrictions, sessions are increasingly open to all regardless of age or gender. If you would like advice on finding a suitable session please get in touch.
Herefordshire FA is committed to the development and growth of Walking Football in the County, and we have been helping new clubs start up across Herefordshire with either financial support or advice from members of our development team. We also run 3 sessions ourselves in Leominster and Hereford!‚Äč

Download a copy of the FA Walking Football Laws for a full set of rules for the game for teams, competition organisers and referees.

Why Walking Football?

Walking football offers many benefits including:

  • Get active and improve your health
  • Better mobility and weight loss
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Meet like-minded individuals and groups
  • Increased Self Confidence